Kicking the butt out of Plan B

I have done many Skype sessions with stylerescue. My new life didn't look like I thought it would be. I am focusing on the important people in my life vs. the accomplishments on my resume. Planning starts for my 25th Harvard reunion. I scheduled my Skype session from Puerto Rico. I just have to kick the butt out of Plan B, and if that means looking the part for certain things, making the world a better place, bringing the vibration up. The better off the whole world is.

 Lina - Puerto Rico

Your Turn

What brought you here?

We all have to get dressed, some of us care. some of us don't. Every once in a while you catch your self in the mirror and think? Wait, "who is that?" Your entire day begins in your wardrobe. It really all began in the womb, but you can't stay there any longer. You made the first step getting here. Welcome!

It's in your DNA.

Feeling strangled by your closet? Too much clothing, no idea what or why you have the volume you do? What if we told you the psychological journey that brought you here has less to do with where you are now, and more where you began? We will help you uncover this in your 15 minute video consult.

We work exclusively online.

Your time is sensitive. Need a 2nd opinion in 15 minutes? Book a Micro Online Styling Session. We know getting dressed is HARD. Letting go even harder. Pat yourself on the back for coming to the smarty party. 

Your life as a performance

I work in New York City real estate. The fashion capital of the world. Fashion is your everything, it's your presentation. I have a background in entertainment, a real appreciation for being styled. There is a method to the madness and there is a whole science to a bigger vision. It's teamwork. There's the performance and everyone who prepares the performance. Stylerescue has mastered how to make that performance flawless. Dana -

 New York


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3 wishes for your wardrobe


Consciousness - Life - Style - It All Fits


We are stylerescue

We want to get to know YOU, not make you fill out an assumptive questionnaire stamping you with a generic style analysis. Who are we to tell  you what style/body type/colors you are? Together we come up with the 2017 version of you. Ready to stop being a guest at your own party? 

not about trends

I am not about fashion, I care about how everything in our lives is an expression of our individuality rather than being slaves to some trend. Putting a dress on backwards, playing with the collar and I had a whole new look. Life is so unexpected it helps you appreciate the beauty in the flaws

 and the quirkiness rather than unobtainable ideas of perfection. Stylerescue is giving me tools to amplify my philosophy. Julie - San Francisco

cool came late

Pre stylerescue, we were safe - very safe. Dark colors, we were conventional, we were oblivious, invisible. And now post stylerescue we are hip, we look younger now than we did in our 20s not that we care that we are younger but we kinda just do look younger. We're grounded and we are comfortable with who we are. 

Gordon and LIsa - Los Angeles